Things To See In Puerto Rico With The Sightseeing Pass

Puerto Rico is a Carribean island that is located in the U.S territory. The island is popular for its rich and turbulent history. It is blessed with a stunning and varied landscape of mountains, waterfalls, islands, grottos, coral reefs and many other historic structures. San Juan, the capital city has a colonial architecture and old forts that historically was used to defend the city from invaders. The El Yunque tropical rainforest is a great place with distinctive plants that survive during hot and humid weather conditions.

Many of the islands (big and small) in Puerto Rico are surrounded by white sandy beaches. There are many interesting things to see in Puerto Rico and lots of historical places to visits. The Sightseeing pass offers the best Puerto Rico travel deals for your all adventure on the Carribean Island.

Listed below are just some of the attractions offered by the sightseeing pass.

Kayaking in Condado Lagoon, San Juan
Kayaking is one of the most popular things to do on the island. Kayaking gives you the opportunity to get closer to the water. Let us take you on tour kayaking in the Condado Lagoon in San Juan.

Also, there is a spectacular snorkeling site with plentiful marine life or the bio luminescence at the Laguna Grande. You can combine kayaking and snorkeling on your trip to Culebra.
Enjoy a VIP adventure kayaking in Condado Lagoon in San Juan.

Bacardi Rum Factory
Casa Bacardi is known as the worlds largest premium rum distillery. A tour to the Bacardi factory is one of the famous tours in the Metro Area / San Juan. Casa Bacardi offers various tours such as the Rum Tasting tour, mixology tour, and historical tour. The Castillo tour is an adventure to see how the rum of kings is made.

Cueva Ventana

Be prepared to be wowed at the window when you visit Cueva Ventana. The view one experiences after passing through the forest and the dark is highly rewarding. Cueva Ventana is also known as the window cave offer one of the best fascinating views in Puerto Rico. Most of the tour guides are bilingual. It is important to note average physical fitness is required to make the trip.

Puerto Rico points of interest: Bioluminescent Bay
Bioluminescence is a natural occurrence that everyone deserves to experience at least once in a lifetime. If you want to experience the bioluminescence bay you can make a plan for a kayaking tour. This will give you the opportunity to be closer to the water. When you touch the magical waters with your hands, it appears like twinkle stars are running through your fingers.

Calle del Cristo Tour – One of the top places of interest in Old San Juan is the romantic street of Calle del Cristo. There are different stores where you can shop for clothes, jewelry, original Panama, hats and many more. You can also grab a treat from the street vendors such as tropical ice cream and Piragua. There are many restaurants towards the south of Calle del Cristo and Fortaleza where you can enjoy the delicious local cuisine.

Old San Juan Tour
This is the most popular holiday destination on the island. Transportation is provided by most of the tour operators from hotels in San Juan to the other places of great interest.

Old San Juan is an open living museum with more than five hundreds historic structures – It is the cultural center of Puerto Rico. When you go on tour at Old San Juan, you’ll have the view of five-century-old castles, relaxed squares, churches, excellent restaurants, and cafes. At the relaxed square, you can enjoy a cup of coffee and dance to the music playing.

The historical tour offers you the opportunity to discover what makes the capital city of Puerto Rico the second oldest city in America.

Go snorkeling at the Tamarindo beach in Culebra
Snorkeling is a great activity you can’t afford to miss while in Culebra. It is one wonderful experience that makes life in the Carribean enviable. Being on the beach is enough a sight to behold but when you put your head down and your senses are introduced to a new world where there’s no noise and sea turtles glide in waters over grass beds.

The beach offers easy access to the snorkeling site due to the calm waters. You can snorkel on your own and you can as well book a tour. The Tamarindo beach is also a good spot for kayaking. The normal entry price for this adventure is $99 for individuals (both adult and child).

The El Yunque Rain Forest
The rainforest is located on the east coast of Puerto Rico. It was nominated as one the natural wonders of the world. The forest is one of the reasons why the island is referred to as The Island of enhancement. El Yunque rainforest is simply fascinating and overwhelming.

The rain forest is just about 45 minutes from the capital city of Puerto Rico, San Juan. You can kill two birds with one stone by going on tour at both El Yunque and Bioluminescence bay at San Juan in Fajardo.

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The Sightseeing pass will enable you to save money and time on the attractions you intend to visit in Puerto Rico. With Sightseeing Flex Pass you can visit up to 5 attractions with a single pass. You will pay less for more adventure with the sightseeing pass.

How It Works

The sightseeing pass offers you the best experience for many destinations and it saves you time and money too. It is also simple to use. Follow these steps to enjoy.

Visit the site to purchase your sightseeing pass. During the purchase, you get to choose the attraction that suits you and create your own adventure. The purchase is easy, with a few clicks, you are done and you get your ticket as an instant email. This ticket is so flexible:

No start date: You have up to 12 months from the date of purchase
No restriction: You can select the attractions that best suit you.
Cost effective: It saves you up to 40%.

All you need do is to show your ticket at the ticket point and voila, you get a ticket for free admission into the attractions of your choice. No logins or emails just show your ticket at the first point, and then your pass becomes activated.You also have the opportunity to pre-book  some of popular attractions or use special entrance lines with Fast Track Entry at select locations. The entry process is will vary depending on the location.

Choose as many attractions as you would love to see because the more you see, the more you save.

Types Of Passes

What You Can Save

In the picture below is a example of what you can save if you were to buy the 5 attractions FLEX premium pass versus buying the attractions at normal price.

.Other sample savings with the Puerto Rico FLEX Pass and FLEX Premium Pass
– 3 Attractions FLEX Pass – you save $113 with this pass.
– 2 Attractions FLEX Pass Premium – you save $92 with this pass
– 3 attractions FLEX Pass Premium – you save $109 with this pass

By comparing the regular prices with that of the Sightseeing Pass, you can save up to 50% on your budget and still get to experience the best of what Puerto Rico has to offer at a real bargain. Get your Puerto Rico attraction pass today and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Happy Travels!