Get your Philadelphia travel deals with Philadelphia sightseeing pass

Philadelphia can be considered as one of the most prominent tourist attractions that you can discover in United States. Philadelphia is a city of natural and aesthetic beauty with a great historical background. It is popularly known as the Birthplace of the Nation because the city played a strategic role in America’s struggle for independence.

Philadelphia is derived from the Greek words that mean “city of brotherly love”. The city exudes great cultural and touristic timeless beauty. Tourists visiting Philadelphia will be enthralled by its uniqueness. From beautiful scenic sites to enthusing historical monuments and relics that adorn many museums in Philadelphia. The city hosts beautiful dense forests, enchanting meadows, alluring gardens and park, shopping galleries, historic museums, a good number of hotels and restaurants.

With that being said it can be expensive visiting Philadelphia  between the attractions, transportation, food, hotels, and other sightseeing expenses. Not to mention the time it takes to plan your trip. Thankfully for you the sightseeing pass was created to help you save time and money. There is no reason you should have to pay full price for all the attractions and tours around Philadelphia when you can save money by getting a Philadelphia attractions pass.

Listed below are some of the things to see in Philadelphia with the sightseeing pass.

Fort Mifflin
If you are interested in getting to know more about the Revolutionary War, you should visit Fort Mifflin. It can be considered as the only Fort that you can find in the region. You will be able to get a realistic war battlefield experience while you are spending your time in Fort Mifflin.

Betsy Ross House
Birthplace of the American flag. Betsy Ross is one of the most popular flag makers that you can find in United States. The house of this flag maker is located in Philadelphia. This can be a self-guided tour or audio tour. The Betsy Ross House is located in a historic landmark as well and you will be able to get to know more about the history during the time you spend in here.

Adventure Aquarium
The Adventure Aquarium is located in close proximity to downtown Philadelphia. Hence, it can be considered as an attraction that you must visit. At the Adventure Aquarium, you will be able to witness one of a kind exhibits. In addition to that, you will also be able to find more than 8,500 different sea species.

African American Museum
The African American Museum was constructed as a tribute to the African Diaspora and the African Americans. In fact, it is the very first museum in Philadelphia to be opened with the objective of praising the unique culture and heritage of the African Americans.

Philadelphia Zoo
Philadelphia is one of the most prominent tourist attractions in the region because it is a massive zoo, where you will be able to discover thousands of animals. You can expect to see  leopards, pumas, jaguars, lions, gorillas, kangaroos, birds,  tigers, pumas, and many more animals.

The Constitutional Walking Tour
When you take part in the Constitutional Walking Tour, you will be provided with the opportunity to explore the birthplace of the nation with your own eyes. It will be a walking tour, which spans across 21 top historic sights through the Independence National Historical Park area. On the 1.25 mile walk you will be provided with the assistance of a friendly and a knowledgeable guide during the tour.

RiverLink Ferry Ride
With the help of RiverLink Ferry system, you will be able to get to Camden from Philadelphia. In fact, this ferry ride acts as the mode of transportation in between Philadelphia and Camden. You can go for a ferry ride and explore the beauty of the region as well. To get the best sceneries, you are encouraged to go on the ferry ride during summer season.

Independence Hall
This is the place where the struggle for America’s independence and unity started. It draws tourists’ memory to the struggle of the America’s founding fathers’ toil and tears; Some of the things that thrills the sight of tourists in the Independence Hall include the Courtroom, Law Books, Tables where lawyers from opposing side sat, George Washington’s “rising sun” chair; all arranged to depict the original Constitutional Convention.

The 9th Street Italian Market
This nation’s oldest outdoor market sits in a vast location, dating back to the 1880s. It showcases enthralling symbolic curb-side stands that display fresh fruits, vegetables and many other edibles for tourists. This location feeds the bellies of countless tourists every year and gives them a glimpse of the activities and trading insights of the fourth and fifth-generation merchants. Originally, Italian immigrants dominated the shopping district, but things have changed today.

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As you can see, a large number of exciting attractions are available in Philadelphia for the guests to explore and experience. However, you will have to spend money out of your pocket to access all these attractions. If you are not in a position to spend a fortune on that, or if you are planning to save money as much as possible when exploring these attractions in Philadelphia, you can think about obtaining a Philadelphia attractions pass.

How It The Pass Works

Make an easy online purchase (in just a few clicks) and have your sightseeing pass in your email instantly. This online purchase offers several attractions in Key West and allows you to select the number of attractions (which may be 2 or 3) that best suits you. The passes are flexible, with no start date. It is for sure the most cost-effective offer you will get on Key West travel deals.

The sightseeing pass saves you the regular drudgery of sightseeing. With this pass, your visit to Philadelphia is truly an adventure. You choose the attractions that intrigue you as you go, all you need to do is show your pass at the ticket point of every attraction and you get a ticket for free admission. In addition, you can pre-book to see popular attractions and you can also use special lines with Fast Track Entry privileges at some particular locations.

• Enjoy 
This is the most interesting adventure you will have especially when in Key West on a budget. The more attractions (awesome places) you see, the more you save and the more enjoyment you get.

Types of Passes

Philadelphia hop on hop off sightseeing tour
When you purchase the Philadelphia attractions pass, you will also be provided with the chance to take part in the hop on hop off bus tour. You will be able to get into this bus and get down from all the major attractions in the region. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about finding taxis to get from one attraction to another. The best thing about the hop on hop off tour is that you will be able to get to the destinations, without spending any money on transportation.

What You Can Save

Other samples savings with the Philadelphia sightseeing pass
3 Attractions FLEX Pass – you save $37.95
 4 Attractions FLEX Pass – you save $37.45
 5 Attractions FLEX  Pass – you save $38.45

Benefits Of The Sightseeing Pass

A sightseeing pass makes Philadelphia travel deals irresistible because of the many benefits you will enjoy. With a sightseeing pass, you:

* It Saves You Money:
It offers tourists huge discounts, thereby saving for them entry charges, sometimes as much as 40%. With tourists Philadelphia Pass, tourists are in charge of their budgets.

* Convenience:
It guarantees quick entry to attractions without the need to queue for tickets.
With Your Pass, Refunds Is Guaranteed In The Event Of Change Of Plan
If a tourist buys 12 months ahead and decides to alter his travel plan, the Pass Insurance guarantees full refund on non-activated Passes.

Activation and validity:
* When a tourist buys a Philadelphia Pass, it is activated in Philadelphia for the number of days it was purchased or the number of places selected.

* Tourists who have limited budget but wish to spend long time at some of the larger, more engaging attractions can now do so with their Sightseeing Flex Pass. They can choose a pass for 3,4,5, or a whole week visits, then take up 30 days to explore places they want the more

Booking In Advance?
The best for you because it saves you out lot of inconveniences and the risk of sold-out Pass.

There is no reason to pay full price admission to see Philadelphia attractions, when you can save time and money while still getting to experience the best of what the city has to offer at a real bargain.  Get your Philadelphia attraction pass today and enjoy the trip of a lifetime. Happy Travels!